Starting at 9000 $ CA

The reference in coastal rowing boats, designed for the practice of competitive coastal rowing, the LiteRACE 1X has won numerous medals (French Championships in 2017 & 2021, World Championships 2018). Both thin and stable, its hull ensures exceptional glide. The design by Sam Manuard brings the assurance of a fast and stable boat, including on rough waters. This boat has bulkheads and transverse reinforcements which make the structure extremely rigid. Designed for athletes and competitors, this boat meets FISA specifications and standards, complies with regulatory gauges.

We currently offer two versions. The H (Heavy) version is suitable for rowers of 80kg and more. In 2023 we created the L (Light) version, less load bearing, reserved for light weights. This model will be more suitable for people with a weight of less than 80kg

  • Rigger
  • Oarlocks & axle (pair)
  • Adjustable height carbon seat
  • Active tools shoes
  • Rear storage net
6m / 19.7ft
0,75m / 2.5ft
35kg / 77.16lbs
130kg / 286lbs

(*) Weights of boats have been given as an indication. This is an estimate only and can not be considered as a legal