Our rowing boats

Liteboat creates innovative rowboats that combine excellent stability, light weight and ease of use, while maintaining the mechanics of a high-performance rowing stroke. All boats are easy to rig, easy to row and easy to transport atop your car roof. Innovative design and advanced construction techniques provide a boat that is safe and trustworthy to row on all types of water. The recreational line is great for the beginner looking to get started in sliding seat rowing, through to the experienced oarsperson looking for a relaxing way to continue to reap the benefits of rowing. Liteboat provides all the benefits of sliding seat rowing in a variety of weather and water conditions, without the instability.


X Row

Made for leisure and adventure! The X Row is a very stable sports boat, ideal for a late start to rowing or for adventure.


LiteSport 4.6

A new version of our best seller, dedicated to lightweight rowers looking for solo recreational rowing boat.



The LiteQuattro is a recreational Gig boat, halfway between a coxed four and a gig.


LiteRace 4X

The Lite Race 4X is a high-performance coastal racing quad. This quadruple scull can be adjusted to the physionomy of each rower, ensuring performance.


LiteRace 2X

The LiteRace 2X is a high-performance double coastal racing boat. Designed to equip and create great doubles coastal rowing champions.


LiteRace 1X

For ocean lovers or competitors, this boat is made for performance, with an increase stability. Used by leisure rowers, and champions!



This boat is a stable leisure skiff, its compact size and reduced hull width make it the narrowest and lightest boat in the Liteboat range.



The LiteTrio is an innovative and unique touring & learning boat, for 3 rowers (sculling), or 2 rowers (sculling/sweep rowing) and a cox.


LiteSport 5.0

A leisure rowing boat with an innovative design, very easy to use and with an extraordinary stability! Can be transported on a car roof.



The LiteDUO is a stable double rowing boat made for clubs. It is perfect for beginners, advanced rowers or people looking for duo adventures.