About us

Janice Mason & Ian Graeme (Western Canada)

Janice and Ian both grew up in Victoria, B.C., and competed at many of the same swim meets as teenagers. Their paths didn’t cross in a significant way until the 2016 Race to Alaska (R2AK).  As crew members on competing sailboats, they were sent by their respective skippers to assess the competition. Following the 2016 race, they joined forces in 2017 as Team Oaracle and became the first R2AK team to complete the challenging 1200-km race from Port Townsend, Washington to Ketchikan Alaska) under oar power alone. In 2018 they completed the race again in 19 days in their 22-foot tandem kayak. Together they are sharing their passion for fitness and adventure on the water, through Liteboat Pacific Rowing.

Janice and Ian are thrilled to continue to pursue their passion for water activities with Liteboat, helping you be active on the water.

Phil Monckton (East Canada)

I have been involved in the sport of rowing for almost five decades, as a competitor, coach and administrator.  A few years ago, a friend in Norway introduced me to coastal rowing and Liteboat.  Although I was initially intimidated by the waves on the Oslo Fjord, coastal rowing caught my fancy. So, next I had to buy a Liteboat for use at our cottage in Nova Scotia.  But there was no Liteboat dealer in Eastern Canada.  So, instead of buying one boat, I bought a container load of boats.  And here we are.
Over the past 3 years we have seen tremendous growth in Canada, not just in coastal rowing but in recreational rowing.  Clubs are realizing the value of having Liteboats in their fleet.  Because of their versatility, Liteboats are often the most used boats at the Club. Plus we are seeing interest from individuals who want to enjoy rowing in a boat that is stable and fun.  As coastal racing becomes more prevalent, we expect to see more growth in the sport within Canada.

Mathieu Bonnier, CEO & Marie Thiebaut, General manager of Liteboat on a LiteRace 2X

About Liteboat company

Today, Liteboat is a world leader in the manufacture of recreational rowing boats. Our objective is to provide rowing boats that are easy to use, very stable and lightweight. We offer 100% French handmade rowing boats, which simplify rowing on any body of water (whether on a river, a lake or the sea) and due to their lightness facilitate the transport of the boat on a car roof.

Our product range is composed of various types and models of recreational rowing boats, but also coastal or row&sail boats, that combine design, performance, stability, safety and innovation. Our rowing boats will give you the best advantage on your sports outings and your trips to discover and explore nature.